Frequently Asked Questions

What is Print2Post?

Print2Post is a unique online mail management solution for all your letter printing and mailing needs. Simply give us the letter you want to send in Microsoft Word format (.doc), as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) or in rich text format (.rtf) and the details of who you want to send it to, set a few simple options, look at the on screen proof, pay by credit or debit card and we will do the rest.

How does Print2Post Work?

Print2Post allows you to enter your mailing requirements via a website to our secure servers. Behind the scenes, Print2Post is delivered to you direct by 1st Office Equipment Ltd. From our state of the art production facility, we use the latest printing and enclosing technology combined with envelope sorting equipment. These tools allow us to offer you considerable savings, and save you all the hassle!

What does it cost?

Using Print2Post to send out your mailings costs from as little as 48p* per envelope, based on 1 sheet printed black only, enclosed into an envelope and posted. That’s it. 48p includes the paper, the envelope, the printing, putting it in the envelope and the postage. A full colour letter costs from as little as 52p* excluding VAT.

How much can I save?

Industry research has indicated it can cost you more than £1 to send a letter when you include all your overheads and time. That means you could save 60p on every letter sent.

What do I need to use Print2Post?

All you need to access the system is a computer with internet access, and a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). No special software is required, and there is nothing to install. To create your templates you will need Microsoft Word, or any DTP package that can output .doc or .pdf files, and you may also need a spreadsheet package (such as Microsoft Excel) to prepare your data files.

Is Print2Post secure?

The Print2Post system uses the highest strength 256 bit RSA encryption, so you can be sure that your details will be safe. Once your mailing details hit our servers, you are then in the hands of one of the UK’s most secure production facilities. The Print2Post production sites have the highest levels of both physical and IT security which enables us to process your mailing with complete assurance.

What paper and envelopes do you use?

The price includes all the paper and the envelope required. The paper will be A4 100gsm for colour letters, 80gsm for black only letters, and we use generic white envelopes. For postcards we use 350gsm card plus lamination and for mono postcards we use 250gsm card without lamination. Mailings up to 14 sheets of paper will be in “C5” envelope (A4 folded in half), and mailings of 15 or more sheets will be in “C4” envelope (A4 unfolded).

How do I include logos?

Print2Post allows you to either include any logos you require in your letter templates, or to set up your letterhead as a PDF. You can then tell us when to use the letterhead and we simply add it to your templates.

How long will it take for mail to arrive?

The standard delivery service is 2-3 days (the same as Royal Mail Standard Class), although you can choose for your letters to be sent First Class at an additional cost. Items being posted overseas will take longer than this. Please look at the Delivery Schedule.

How do I know when my letters have been mailed?

You can check the status of orders at any time. When the status changes to “completed”, your mail has been posted.

What happens to mail that can't be delivered?

Print2Post offers a returns management service for all letters that are returned “undeliverable”. To choose this service simply select “Managed” in the “Returns management” section of ‘Mailing options’ when creating a mailing. The charge for this service is 2p per letter mailed. To view your returned mail, go to Admin> Returns Management in your Print2Post account. If you do not require this service, please ensure the “Not managed” box is selected (default). All returned mail is securely shredded on site.

Is Print2Post environmentally friendly?

In addition to ensuring all our paper is from responsibly managed sources, we also promote the Toptree scheme. This runs in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, and has planted over 80,000 trees in the UK to date. See for more information. Using Print2Post can also help to reduce your carbon footprint as everything happens under one roof with one vehicle taking all the post away.

How do I pay for Print2Post?

Print2Post is a pay as you go service and will require a payment in advance to place credit on your account. Please contact us on 01225-337600 to arrange a BACS payment or set up a Direct Debit facility.

Can I cancel a mailing?

Once an order is paid for, we will produce it during our next available production slot. Therefore it is not currently possible to cancel a mailing once it has been paid for.

What if I have a problem?

Print2Post is based in a real building with real people! If you have a problem you can either use the online email support, or pick up the phone and call us. Our offices are manned 8.30am to 5.30pm.

What's the catch?

There isn’t one. Whether you are sending 1 letter or 1 million letters, Print2Post works for you. Just imagine – no more running out of ink, no more folding letters, no more licking envelopes or running to the post office to catch the last post!

You can’t lose. Of course, there are a few simple guidelines you need to follow to make sure the letter and list of names and addresses you give us are suitable, but you will be walked through that as you place an order.

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